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Under The Project, digital libraries are installed in rural schools to encourge learning through audio-visual demonstrations for better understanding. There is an attempt to bridge the gap between Rural Bharat and urban India by equipping the rural childrean with the same facilites that city childrean enjoy. We belive that there is lot of talent hidden in the rural lot which remains unexpolred due to lack of resources with which they can come at par with the urban kids.

Previous Youth Brigades
9th -12th December, 2013 Jakheti - Uttarakhand (India)
The CnC Youth Brigade Programme was organised in Jth whichakheti Intermediate College, Pauri, Uttarakhand with an idea of transforming the government aided village school on digital, cultural and entrepreneurial fronts.

The Project included setting up of a Digital Library, an Ideation Camp for the senior students and various activity sessions for those falling under the age group of 9-15 yrs based on the skeleton prepared by the Reiki team which conducted a survey interacting with the students, teachers and the Principal.

The setting up of Digital Library involved creation of content (academic as well as non-academic), installation of digital devices and training of teachers along with a follow up programme. A donation of more than 500 books from Vivekanand School, Delhi was a rich addition to their collection.

The team effectively introduced the concept of digital education to the students and teachers which was unknown to them earlier. Besides, library card system was brought in for easier accessibility.

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Connecting Dreams aims to Empower youth and women in rural India through connectivity and entrepreneurship.

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