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Working Model

The adopted village will be divided into blocks of 2 villages and each block will be associated with a knowledge partner, like an educational institute, corporate or NGO. Each block, consisting of these 2 villages and knowledge partner will be managed by a team member from the Connecting Dreams Foundation. The knowledge partner will conduct need assessment in villages, prepare village level action plan, formalize a program and partner with relevant grassroots groups to achieve a 3 year vision plan. The 2 villages are connected with each other and a knowledge partner using Apna Tech tree(ATT)

The knowledge partner will consist of students or highly committed individuals who are trained to apply business principles and their ideas to develop community outreach projects that improve the quality of life, employability standards of people in rural india.

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Connecting Dreams

New Delhi (India)

Phone:- + 91-9899748528

Email :- info@connecting-dreams.org
Website :- connecting-dreams.org

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Our vision

Connecting Dreams aims to Empower youth and women in rural India through connectivity and entrepreneurship.

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