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Rani Siddhu, Village Citizen
Even though we can't read or write, but we can at least listen and learn and this 'Apna Tech tree' has been a big help for people like me and for our children who now use knowledge and information to achieve something better and make a good life.

Sharmishtha Tyagi, Village coordinator
This 'Apna tech tree' is a boon for the children as well as for the women . Earlier the ladies in the village didn't know much as we can't go out of the village but now because of this tree, we can get any information and solve our issue right at our doorstep.

Sanjuli, Student
To have basic knowledge on courses and colleges is very important. We don't have the means to enquire about it. But this 'Apna Tech Tree' can provide us all those information right at our doorstep and help in charting a job path for us.

Arbind Mukherjee, DDM, NABARD
This 'Apna Tech Tree' has made it possible for the villagers to access bank/government products and talk to the administration officials regarding any issue or query without having to stand in queues and wasting time. They have a feeling of empowerment now!

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Connecting Dreams

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Connecting Dreams aims to Empower youth and women in rural India through connectivity and entrepreneurship.

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